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Quality is paramount in all our products and that is why we only use T2 strength metal in  all teeth sold. This means that your teeth will last longer, bite into ground faster.

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Bucket Teeth Quality

Not all bucket teeth are created equal. The design of these teeth help absorb the impact upon whatever surface you’re biting into which helps to give protection against tooth and adoptor breakage. And this means that your machines power is delivered better and more directly to the material your breaking into… which leads to better efficiency in time and money!

  • Hardness: HRC 48-52 / 23≥24J
  • Impact Strength: Vnotch – akv(-40 ºC)≥25J/cm2
  • Tensile Strength Mpa: ≥1550
  • Elongation: ≥5


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Bucket Teeth Basics

In this article were going to dive head long into the basics of excavator bucket teeth.

With any Ground Engaging Tool (G.E.T) there is a delicate balance between the two most important factors and they are:

  • Strength
  • Design

And this is purely because a bucket tooth’s role is to work with abrasive materials which puts constant demand on the strength and design of the teeth.

With the appropriate design the bucket teeth will give you better performance and with the correct alloys and metals you gain strength – yes it is pretty much that simple!

However it doesn’t just stop there. When selecting any bucket tooth the first consideration to be taken into account is what are you using it for?

Do you need to:

  • Penetrate hard Shale?
  • Penetrate hard Shale?
  • Cut into Clay to carve out utility/services trench?
  • Rock Face
  • Collect Soft Material

Once you have figured that out then it comes down to the right Ground Engaging Teeth to penetrate the surface you’re digging in to.

For this to happen a tooth must have the appropriate point. Usually this is a initial sharp point for penetration then gradually flanging out to a broader style tooth.

And her in lies the rub… you see the tip needs to be pointy enough so it breaks through the earth which means it generally needs to be thin. But not thin enough so it breaks.

The other consideration is… the better the bucket tooth penetrates the cutting surface the less horsepower required by your machine which means less fuel usage and that means more money in your pocket and ultimately.

So lets recap;

To get good ground penetration bucket teeth and for the most part cutting edges must:

– Be sharp


-The tooth must taper gradually to reduce resistance but also ensure it has enough thickness so as to not break

I do hope this helps keep you aon the right track and save you money plus make your next job that little bit easier… And don’t forget to check out our range of Excavator Bucket Teeth to keep you digging.