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Bucket Teeth – Standard SYL Penetrating Bucket teeth

To get the most from your machine, you need to get the correct ground engaging tooth system.
Because when you have the right bucket teeth you…
• Increase your productivity
• Preserve your investment
• Decrease your costs
And when you’ve got the right know-how with the right bucket and bucket teeth system that suits your working environment… then you’re going to be kicking goals. And that means money in the bank.
How do you know if you’ve got good ground engaging bucket teeth and adaptors… that’s easy because they stand up to the toughest work conditions and:
• are made of the highest grade steel
• have optimised weights
• have optimal cut and empty angles
• deliver an excellent value-to-price ratio
So let’s take a quick look at the standard sharp ribbed penetrating tooth (SYL).
What do these bucket teeth do?
These teeth are designed to enable good productivity with consistent penetration and material collection and should be long-wearing (if you purchase from reputable sources of course).
The features of the teeth are:
• They have a sharp tooth geometry with an elongated shape giving massive strength
• Self Sharpening grooves (beveled edges)
And more importantly they deliver these benefits:
• Efficient delivery of your machine’s power – directly to the material
• Because they are an elongated tooth they break material whilst protecting the adaptor
• The tooth shape helps to minimise stress and maximise material flow
• Good absorption quality on surface impact which is designed to give protection against tooth loss
Over time the standard sharp ribbed penetrating tooth (SYL) has been tested and proven in the most demanding mining environments, as well as other highly-demanding digging situations.
And when combined with Twin Tiger Teeth (see our article here Twin Tiger Bucket Teeth) they can be the perfect combination.
But remember… like all good information… always do your own research before you make your final buying decision.
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Here’s to better diggn’